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Faculty Profile
Ann Marie Hallett
Second Grade Teacher
Ann Marie Hallett joined the Whitefield team in 2016. After serving for a year as a teacher assistant, she transitioned into the role of second-grade teacher. Hallett has obtained a B.S. in early childhood education from the University of Georgia and a M.S. in elementary reading and literacy from Walden University. She has eight years of teaching experience at both public and private educational institutions and has served as a children's ministry director for three years.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
I truly believe that there is no place like Whitefield! The leadership and the teachers of the Lower School are committed to academic excellence and genuine spiritual discipleship in a way that is set apart from any other school I have known. I feel honored and excited to join an environment such as that of Whitefield Academy!

Why I love my job:
Teaching and assisting students in learning new concepts has always given me a thrill. I have been "teaching" since I was a little girl and role-played "school" for my younger siblings for hours on end! I love looking for creative, interactive ways to teach and challenge students as they learn. Also, I genuinely enjoy getting to know the kids that are in my class and having the opportunity to be a person that can speak life and encouragement into their God-given destiny!

On a personal note

About my family:
I am married to Cory, and we have two daughters who attend Whitefield, Anna Claire ('26) and Ava ('30).

Hometown: Thomasville, Georgia