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Sports Medicine

The Whitefield Academy sports medicine program provides quality sports preventative and injury care to the students of Whitefield Academy. Our full-time athletic trainers work closely with area physicians and team doctors to provide immediate and sustained care for students while also striving to establish trusting relationships with the athletes, coaching staff, parents, and the medical community.

Dr. James Kercher of Peachtree Orthopedics acts as team physician for all sports at Whitefield Academy.

Whitefield’s athletic training facilities include an ultrasound and stim machine, a game ready, treatment tables, a taping table, spine boards, and defibrillators. The department also has an emergency cart available on-site if needed.

Whitefield Academy’s full-time athletic trainers provide evaluations to determine a safe participation status, preventative bracing and taping, and rehabilitative/reconditioning therapy to any athlete with an injury. Athletes who are not able to participate in practice or contests are monitored while they complete their rehabilitation program. Athletic trainers work with the athlete's treating physician to carry out any rehabilitative therapy prescribed and are prepared to deal with those injuries that occur throughout each practice or contest.

Student WolfPack Athletic Training Program
The Student WolfPack Athletic Training Program (SWAT) is comprised of student leaders who assist Whitefield Academy’s athletic trainers and team doctors. The students learn many valuable skills throughout the year such as how to treat open wounds, taping techniques, rehabilitation protocols, emergency action steps, and injury diagnosis. All SWAT team members are required to complete an entire season (fall, winter, or spring) in order to earn a varsity letter in athletic training. Through the experience, several of our SWAT team members have found a passion for athletic training and continued studying it in college.

Brandon Dobo
Head Athletic Trainer
Brandon Dobo joined the WolfPack as Head Athletic Trainer in 2018. Before working at Whitefield, Dobo gained seven years of experience in athletic training at Georgia State University along with a summer serving the Detroit Lions. Dobo has earned a B.S. in athletic training from Georgia Southern University and a M.S. in sports medicine from Georgia State University.