Authentic Christianity Lived out Loud
Posted: 4/27/2018

Written by Vicki Simms

Whenever my students ask to sing “The Honeycomb Song” (Psalm 19:7-10), I am reminded of what sets Whitefield apart – biblical worldview woven throughout everything we do here. What a privilege it is to use my time, talents, and treasure to promote the idea behind Whitefield’s formation – combining excellence in education with growth in Christ.

Carrying on Whitefield's Legacy

As reiterated this summer throughout my trip to Scotland, funded by Whitefield's Retaining the Best grant, the reason for teaching children to read originated from the desire to teach them to read the Bible for themselves. John Knox tried to ensure that every community had a school to serve this purpose. George Whitefield had a similar vision. 

Absolute truth has been forgotten in today’s society. I am honored to pass on George Whitefield’s legacy and dream to instill in students a love for learning and passion for Jesus Christ. This is how I, personally, can glorify God and fulfill my purpose in life.

Set apart

Hearing the children “ooh and ahh” over God’s magnificent creation or marveling at the plants and insects in the Lower School garden remind me of what sets Whitefield apart from other schools. As we discover God’s world and how it works - mathematically, scientifically, and relationally - human beings are amazed at His attributes. I am free here at Whitefield to develop that sense of awe, wonder, and respect for our Creator in my students.

The Ultimate Model of Excellence

My model teacher is Jesus Christ. He compels me to do my best to excellently educate and prepare the next generation for maximum world impact. He embodies the principle “others ahead of self” from Whitefield's mission statement. I treasure God’s Word as the starting place for this. I am called to “pay it forward” by teaching our young people wise, Scriptural principles to live by. Through nurturing my students, hopefully I am leaving an example of true, but not perfect, of course, Christian character.