Blessings Upon the Class of 2018
Posted: 6/12/2018


Read by Dave McCune at Whitefield's Commencement ceremony on May 19

Class of 2018, GOOD MORNING!

Congratulations - you are almost there. It is with great joy I stand before you today. As my first freshman class, you will always have a special place in my heart. It has been an absolute joy spending these four years together! It was a joy to teach you, travel to Ecuador with you, pray with on Friday mornings, and chase frisbees with you on Friday afternoons. We built something together, and you are a class that leaves a great legacy behind. You pioneered mentoring between Upper School and Middle School students. You competed for and won state championships. You launched Common Table, where students and staff worship as equals in Christ. And know that you have blessed me immensely. It is now my great honor to ask a blessing over you on behalf of all those present.

So class, I want to invite you to do something. Stand and turn around. Find your friends and loved ones in the crowd. I invite you to open your hands and receive the blessings of those gathered here. Imagine them filling your hands. It should feel substantial. Now imagine the blessings prayed for you since before you were born until now - the prayers of family, friends, teachers, coaches, pastors. Let them fill your hands. Imagine those faces. They are a gift. Treasure them.

Now I invite you to take the hand of your neighbor as we turn to prayer together. Friends, family, faculty, staff, and students, please join me in your spirit as you hear the names of these graduates. Would you pray with me?

Our Father in heaven, we give you great thanks for this joyous occasion and celebration. As we consider those around our nation who face heartache this morning and your people around the world who face persecution today, we are all the more grateful for the gift of this day. Let us receive it.

And now, loving Father, we beg your blessing over the young men and women here before us who have completed a long journey and are stepping out with great anticipation on the next. We call out and call forth your goodness in their lives. Lord, we thank you for gifting these students in realms of leadership, academics, athletics, and the arts. We pray that they would have the humility to say “your kingdom come, your will be done” as they exercise them. That your good for them would continually speak louder than the worlds.

And we ask your provision and protection. We ask the presence and provision of your Holy Spirit walk with...

Hunter, Rachid, Jakob, KJ, Parker, Alex Carver, Katie, Jack, Matthew, Kiana, Mary Kate, Lucy, Ruthie, Chip, Evan, Anna, Malcolm, Nick, Maggie, Stephen, Annabelle, Carter, Temi, Dre, Thomas, Jared, Alex Kelley, Macy, Christian, Molly, Madeline, Jake, Ryan, Zach, John, Michael, Madison, Wills, Clayton, Brooks, Coleman, Jalen, Julia, Janae, Nkosi, Josh, Luke, Jacob, Patrick Rich, Myles, Henry, Joseph, Payton, Patrick Spellissy, Kaitlyn, Austin, Dallas, Jackson, and Jordan

Bless these to be both sowers and eaters of your word. We ask you provide them with deep spiritual friendships and communities for them to be rooted in. We pray you form their hearts to love wisdom, beauty, truth, and justice. We pray that you anoint them to be agents of order in a world of chaos. Give them courage to follow you when persevering seems exhausting.

As the proverb says, “The horse is prepared for battle, but victory is in the hands of the Lord.” Lord, we have done our part, and we now commit these into your hands and your care. We don’t know where they’re going to go in life, or what they are going to do, but we know that you go with them. Let them know that they belong to each other, they belong to the church, they belong to us, and they belong to you, Jesus, who loves them without condition and welcomes them back no matter how far they roam. Keep them firmly in your love we pray.

We ask all this in the name amazing name of your son Jesus,