The Gift of Time
Posted: 4/16/2018

Written by Adrienne Margine

One of the blessings of working at Whitefield Academy is the ability to see children grow up before your eyes. I have had the pleasure of seeing a group of students from the tender young age of five mature and grow into young men and women who are making differences in lives around them.

One young man I recall had a hard time transitioning into the beginning days of kindergarten, and now he is one of the best counselors in our summer camps program. His sensitive spirit has helped others adjust to new situations.

Another student demonstrated a lot of confidence at a young age, and that same confidence, coupled with his passion and attitude, helped encourage his teammates on a state-winning soccer team.

Another young lady I noticed had a knack for reading. While I was taking graduate courses to obtain my elementary education degree, I needed to work with students to obtain a certain number of practicum hours. I remember reading with her D’aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths the summer after her first-grade year (something I did not read until middle school). She later became interested in the arts and invited me to one of her first fashion shows. This past year, she was named the National Poetry Out Loud champion and is attending fashion school in New York City.

From Seedlings to Blooms

To me, it is amazing to see how God molds and shapes the lives of these young people into becoming unique and talented individuals. Just as plants are buried into the ground, through the gift of time, they are weeded, cultivated, and eventually burst forth in spring with new life and color. For some of us, our children may be the tiny seeds that have just been planted. For others, our children may show some scraggly green stems popping through the ground (which requires so much time and effort to care for them). And even for some of us, our children may be at the stage where they are beautiful blooms ready to open up and show their brilliance to the world around them.

I am reminded to take each stage of a child’s life and to know the promise that God has a plan in store for each of them.

Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”