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A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

Campus Life

Mentoring and Discipleship

Whitefield Academy is committed to developing faculty-to-student, parent-to-student, and student-to-student mentoring relationships. These relationships unify the school as the body of Christ and provide an environment where true discipleship can occur. Serving one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord first and foremost enables each of us to see the unique way in which God has crafted each individual, while recognizing the bond and dependency we have with one another.


Faculty-to-Student Mentoring

Whitefield’s greatest asset lies in its faculty: teachers who not only instruct, but also mentor the students under their charge. Whitefield faculty members are passionate about their subject areas and passionate about sharing Christ with their students. While teaching involves the context of a biblical worldview, mentorship opportunities extend to athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities.

All students in the Middle School and Upper School are assigned to an advisee group, which meets daily. Advisors monitor students’ overall grades and progress and are available to discuss any issues that arise during the school year. Students often connect most closely, however, with a coach or teacher in an area of particular interest. If you listen to the philosophy of Whitefield coaches, you will see one theme throughout: coaches desire to prepare young athletes not only for competition in their sport, but also for the challenges of life. Students in the arts are mentored by their teachers as they pursue interests on stage or in the studio. Coaches, teachers, and staff members work together to ensure that students pursue their passions while receiving guidance and support from mentors.

In the Upper School, Tuesday Morning Rally also gives faculty and students the chance to come together for encouragement and community-building activities.


Parent-to-Student Mentoring

StoneWorks is a year-long character education program for all eighth-grade students. School leaders and parents speak to the students at regular intervals to share what they have learned as they’ve walked with God. The program focuses on the character attributes of wisdom, ownership, legacy, faith, purity, attitude, courage, and knowledge (WolfPack). After completing Stoneworks, students understand the importance of these attributes and have a deeper respect for their parents’ walk of faith.


Student-to-Student Mentoring

While Whitefield students look to faculty members and parents for wisdom and insight, they are also active in mentoring one another. Several mentoring groups between students exist on campus, many of which were initiated by the students themselves. Students seek to help their younger counterparts navigate the challenges of academics, extracurricular activities, and relationships by coming alongside them day-by-day. Listed below are a few of the student-to-student mentoring groups on campus:

The Senior/Freshman Mentoring Program was initiated by seniors who had a desire to help guide freshmen through the high school experience. Freshmen who wish to have a mentor are matched with same-gender seniors to talk about everything from how to balance homework and extracurricular activities to how to maintain healthy friendships.

11th to 8th grade boys and 10th grade to 7th grade boys These two fellowship groups became a reality through the planning and efforts of a small group of boys seeking to encourage younger boys through the challenging years of Middle School.

GirlTalk is a mentoring group between junior and senior girls and eighth-grade girls. It was started by a Whitefield alumna who wanted to ensure that female students developed healthy and caring relationships with one another. The group meets bi-weekly on Wednesday mornings.


Other Mentoring Opportunities

In addition to mentoring that takes place in the classroom and through mentoring programs, students and coaches inspire one another on the athletic fields and through arts and extracurricular activities. Whitefield also places a strong emphasis on community service. Through National Honor Society, Student Council, Honor Council, and a variety of community service activities, students have the opportunity to interact with other students, faculty, and staff while placing “others ahead of self.” In this context, students are able to experientially participate in reaching out to others.