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Campus Life

Health Services

At Whitefield, we believe that students are only prepared to learn and thrive after they are first cared-for physically. Because of this, Whitefield has an on-site nursing professional who provides immediate care for students who sustain injuries or become ill. Each school level at Whitefield has a nurse’s office complete with an exam table and a wide variety of first aid and emergency care items. All Whitefield faculty and staff members undergo training led by a nursing professional, covering topics such as handling medical emergencies in the classroom and using emergency medical devices (e.g. epi pens, AEDs, etc.). In addition to these preventative measures, every Whitefield staff member has an easily accessible emergency protocol booklet with step-by-step instructions on how to handle medical emergencies, and each Lower School teacher has possession of a first aid kit at all times.

In addition to care provided by Whitefield’s nursing professional, Whitefield students also have access to a team of athletic trainers who supply on-site care and rehabilitative services as needed.

For questions about health services at Whitefield, contact the school nurse at