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As developments related to the coronavirus are ever-changing and in order to respond with flexibility to recommendations and consultation from health and medical agencies our plans will pivot, as needed, with the changing environment in order to safeguard our students and faculty.


COVID-19 Protocols

Whitefield desires to safely conduct school on campus. We stay committed to monitoring factors related to the spread of COVID in our community. We continue to consult several resources including the CDC, the Georgia Department of Public Health, other health professionals, as well as the standard of care among other schools and school systems in our area.


Protocol Reminders and Adjustments:


1. Adjustments to large-group gatherings: Each event will be considered in light of numbers and space for appropriate distancing. Depending on those factors, some large-group gatherings will not be held or will be adapted.


2. Washing hands and watching distance: Stress with children the importance of these and other mitigation strategies. We will continue to stress these mitigation measures at school as well.


3. Wearing masks: Masks are only required at Whitefield in limited circumstances (e.g., masks are required on buses), but wearing masks remains a mitigation strategy recommended by many health professionals. Wearing masks is welcomed at Whitefield, and students having a supply of masks with them provides for those times when distancing is more limited or challenging.

4. Positive COVID cases and contact tracing: Whitefield will continue to trace contacts and notify families immediately if their child is a school-based close contact. Contact tracing will occur when a positive case of COVID occurs. A direct contact is defined as less than six feet (three feet if both individuals are masked) and indoors for a period of 15 minutes or greater within 24 hours. 


Follow division-level guidance on whether to contact the school nurse or the school principal of the division your child attends. 


At this current time, the following protocols are in place:




One of the most important effective ways to maintain the health of our student
body, faculty, and staff is to closely monitor for symptoms. Students who have
had a fever of 100 degrees or higher and/or experienced vomiting or diarrhea
with the previous 24-hour period are not to report to school. Likewise,
students who are deemed to have a potential contagious illness will be isolated
from others, and the parent will be notified. Parents, please monitor closely for
symptoms related to COVID and notify the school nurse whenever you suspect
or confirm a positive case.



Masks are perfectly welcome for any student, parent, or staff member who
prefers to wear a mask, even if vaccinated. Under current conditions, the
school will not require masks for PreK-12th grade students, parents, faculty,
and staff.




The school will not provide temperature checks for students and staff upon
entering buildings. Please continue to monitor temperature and other
symptoms closely.



Cleaning protocols will continue to include daily wiping and spraying to sanitize
spaces, as well as continued use of the updated air filtration system purchased
last year. Wipes and hand sanitizer are readily available for classrooms as



Positive Cases


Students who test positive for COVID-19 should follow this course regardless of vaccination status:


  • Students must isolate at home for five days.
  • If the student has no symptoms after five days, the student may return to school.  A COVID test is not required to return to school after five days.
  • Please contact the appropriate nurse for timing on returning to school.
  • The student must continue to wear a mask around others for five additional days.
  • If the student has a fever, he or she should continue to stay home until the fever resolves (24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication).
  • A family may choose for a child to isolate for a full 10 days should the parent prefer the child not follow all of these protocols.

Close Contacts


If the child remains asymptomatic, the child may:

  • Go virtual for the next 5 days.  
  • Return to school. We recommend your child receives a negative COVID test before returning and/or wears a mask for the five days following the exposure.



Food services will resume as normal prior to COVID. Prepackaged food options
will also be available as an alternative. We will resume normal seating
arrangements in the dining spaces, being aware that contact tracing can
include these spaces.


All fine arts and specialty classes will resume as normal prior to COVID.
Distancing and/or outdoor space will be used when possible to minimize risk.


Transportation and field trips will be modified in the following ways:

  • Outdoor experiences are preferred
  • Required rooming assignment chart for overnight trips
  • Cohorting on field trips when possible to mitigate potential exposure


Large group gatherings such as chapel, meetings, assemblies, performances,
etc. will take place outdoors or in spaces that allow for three feet of distancing.
Though large group gatherings will occur, some limits will be placed on



Teachers will exercise discernment in arranging classroom spaces to
maximize student learning while also mitigating risk. Classrooms will allow for
three feet of distance between students, but desks will be in closer proximity
and grouped together at times for collaboration among students. Seating
assignments and length of time in close proximity will be monitored in case a
need for contact tracing arises.



Virtual learning only occurs for students who have been contact-traced and
required to quarantine by the school. Students will not be able to opt into
virtual learning for any other reason. Should a student quarantine due to
contact tracing, virtual learning will begin the first full day of quarantine.

For any questions or comments, please email Nathan Stevens at


*At any time, these protocols may be subject to change based on the impact of COVID-19 on our
community. We appreciate your continued vigilance and support to keep our community safe
and in school.



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