The Campaign for a New Lower School Building at Whitefield Academy


Are there naming opportunities?
All gifts and pledges will be recognized in Whitefield's Annual Report. Additionally, for gifts and pledges of $50,000 or more, the donor's name will be listed on a plaque in the lobby of the Lower School building. Donors making a gift or pledge of $250,000 or more have the opportunity to name specific areas within the facility. If you are interested in a naming opportunity, please contact Capital Campaign Manager Lauren Race.

Will tuition be increased to help pay for the buildings?
No, the cost of the building will be raised by the Whitefield community and external foundations and, therefore, will not impact the cost of tuition.

Is the need to support scholarships included in the Campaign?
This capital campaign is for the building of facilities on campus, acquisition of additional land, and reserves for ongoing maintenance of the facilities. Funding for additional scholarships is not a part of this campaign.

Are people making gifts to the Campaign? How can we make a gift?
Yes, generous donors have already begun donating to this campaign. You can make a one-time gift or pledge by either accessing the "Give" link on the homepage of this website or contacting Capital Campaign Manager Lauren Race. 

When will construction of the building begin, and how long will it take to build?
Whitefield will begin construction of the permanent Lower School building as soon as all necessary funds are raised. Construction of the building is expected to take approximately 15-18 months.

Will my company match my pledge towards the capital campaign?
Company matching programs are a wonderful way in which your gift to the school can significantly impact our ability to achieve our goal of $24 million. Each company has requirements for their matching gift program. Please contact your Human Resources Department to ensure that your gift is appropriately recorded and to ensure that their program supports capital projects.

Are contributions to the Leaving a Legacy capital campaign tax deductible?
All amounts paid to the capital campaign are considered a charitable contribution and can be included in your charitable contributions when itemizing your deductions for your federal and tax income tax filings.