The Campaign for a New Lower School Building at Whitefield Academy


While Jeannie Brostrand has left a legacy upon Whitefield’s Lower School that will never be forgotten, she is quick to credit Whitefield for blessing her more than she’s blessed this community.
We asked Lower School student Ava Luther to describe what she hopes Brostrand Hall will be like, and Whitefield alumna Kaitlyn Stewart ('18) illustrated Ava's ideas!
English department chair Jessica Bonnem shares what she loves about being a teacher and how Whitefield has left a legacy in her life.
Whitefield alumn Everett Joiner (’13) shares how the legacy imparted on him by teachers and coaches prepared him to lead and face challenges in the Air Force.
Whitefield alumna Samara Huggins (’17) shares how the legacy imparted on her by faculty, coaches, and staff members, such as Mrs. Cordie Swift, strengthened the roots of her personal and educational growth.
Whitefield parent and Leaving a Legacy campaign donor John Charles shares the impact that Whitefield has made academically and spiritually on his two sons and their entire family.