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2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners
Categories: General, Upper School, Fine Arts
Posted: 2/15/2019

Congratulations to our 16 Scholastic Art and Writing Award recipients! These students have exceptional artistic and literary talent and presented their remarkable work to the world by participating in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Through the Scholastic Awards, students in grades 7–12 have a chance to earn scholarships as well as have their works exhibited and published. This year, students from across America submitted nearly 350,000 original works in 29 different categories of art and writing. Whitefield students will be recognized at a special awards ceremony on Saturday, March 9 at the Pei Ling Chan Gallery at SCAD Savannah and their work will be on display at the gallery from March 2-9. For more information about the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, visit

List of Award Recipients

Art: Photography

Sarah Virginia Ryan - Gold Key - "Cleansed"
Sarah Virginia Ryan - Silver Key -  "Gaze"
Sarah Virginia Ryan - Silver Key - "Veil of Darkness"
Sarah Virginia Ryan - Honorable Mention - "Touched"
Sarah Virginia Ryan - Silver Key - "The Veil"
Matt Sumlin - Gold Key - "Burned Education"
Matt Sumlin - Honorable Mention - "Displaced"
Anna Kwon - Silver Key - "Drowning"
Wesley Mitchell - Silver Key - "Spumante"
Matt Soud - Silver Key - "Spaghetti"
Matt Soud - Honorable Mention - "Atlanta"
Paulina Bilotti - Honorable Mention - "dragonfly"
Paulina Bilotti - Honorable Mention - "colored rain"
Paulina Bilotti - Honorable Mention - "war"
Katarina Kelly - Honorable Mention - "Waiting is Disbelief"
Luke Petersen - Honorable Mention - "Wandering Through the Woods"
Alex Schulte - Honorable Mention - "paths of life"
Alex Schulte - Honorable Mention - "flipped"

Art: Mixed Media
Sydney Schulte - Gold Key - "The Deconstructed American Dream"

Digital Art
Kayla Dixon - Silver Key - "Corpse"
Peter Fleming - Honorable Mention - "You Only Have One Shot"

Drawing and Illustration
Kayla Dixon - Gold Key - "Look into my Eyes"
Keri Quillin - Honorable Mention - "Take off"

Writing: Flash Fiction
Annie Edwards - Honorable Mention - "The Awkward Dance"

Writing: Personal Essay/Memoir
Cha Cha Hamilton - Silver Key - "A Reading Love Story"
Hannah Morris - Honorable Mention - "Are you even or odd?"

Writing: Poetry
Hannah Morris - Honorable Mention - "Elegy of a Baby"