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Art teachers dedicated to learning
Categories: General, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, Fine Arts
Posted: 11/8/2018


Whitefield’s three art teachers, Rebecca Brown, Natalia Hicks, and Debbie Childree just returned from an inspiring Georgia Art Educators Conference. They attended four days of hands-on workshops and presentations along with more than 200 Georgia art educators. The theme of the GAEA Conference was “Brainstorm: Collaboration and Idea Generation from the World Around Us!”

A surprise to many may be how these teachers spent their early mornings at a conference. They got up at 5:30 a.m. to head to Driftwood Beach to be inspired and take photos of the sun rising among the driftwood.

Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Childree were also honored to have their paintings selected and on display for the past month at the SoGlo Gallery in Brunswick. They attended a reception for the exhibit Friday night. On Saturday night, the key note address was from artist Nathalie Miebach, whose work focuses on the intersection of art and science when she translates science data into sculpture, installation, and musical scores.

Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hicks, and Mrs. Childree are excited to share the new projects and ideas that inspired them from the conference with their students this year!