Arts Day 2019
Categories: General, Middle School, Upper School, Fine Arts
Posted: 4/11/2019


Students in the Upper and Middle school participated the annual Arts Day festivities on April 10. Upper School students began the day with a presentation and performance by Urbana Ave, a local comedic creative agency. In that session, they heard a talk on the essence of comedy and storytelling and saw it enacted by a cast of improv actors. Later they took in a group drumming demonstration by Drum Cafe, in which every student in the Upper School had their own djembe to play at the direction of the facilitators.

Middle School students spent the morning at art museums around Atlanta. They returned and also enjoyed a session with Drum Cafe and the improv comedy group Laughing Matters.

In the afternoon, Upper School students attended workshops of their choice both on- and off-campus. One group attended an abbreviated recording session at Tara Simons studios in Smyrna. Students were given a tour, a group vocal coaching, then recorded themselves singing a cover of the Lady Gaga hit, “Shallow." While it is unlikely this recording will ever see the light of day (at the students’ request), students gained an appreciation for the talents and hard work of working recording artists.

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