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Life After the Annual Student Art Show
Categories: General, Middle School, Fine Arts
Posted: 5/1/2018


Hopefully you have had a chance to view and be inspired by the Annual Middle School Student Art Show! You may wonder, "What do the art students do now?" They continue to expand their creative minds with the study of some extremely creative artists and artistic disciplines!

The fifth-grade art students are studying Picasso and trying his techniques of abstraction.

The current sixth-grade rotation has been studying about the 7,000 life-sized terra cotta warriors discovered in 1974 by farmers digging a well in China.

The seventh-grade art students are beginning a study of environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, and the students themselves will work outside around the Whitefield pond creating sculptures from natural materials found on the land in the tradition of Goldsworthy. Be sure to watch for these on Tuesday, May 1, near the Amphitheater and pond!

The eighth-grade art students have been studying architecture and the visionary architects Paulo Soleri, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Richard Meier. For homework, they have been asked to record all the architectural spaces they inhabit in a day as well as take note of the visual culture that surrounds the city areas where they live. They have been charged to decide if they like what they see in the architecture and shaping of the city and reminded that they are the voters of tomorrow who will have a say in shaping the visual culture of Atlanta. They are also studying and practicing the art of Chinese brush painting. We are working to ensure that the passion for learning never ends!

The current Annual Middle School Art Show will remain up on the main floor of Founders Hall through May 4. This will be followed by the National Junior Art Honor Society members’ exhibit featuring the works of the 16 eighth-grade NJAHS student members. This show will remain up through October 2018.