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Marin Eckerson wins MS Spelling Bee
Categories: General, Middle School
Posted: 1/18/2019


Twenty Middle School students participated in the Middle School Spelling Bee on January 18 during MS Chapel. The top five spellers from each grade were determined in October, after a schoolwide classroom bee. Marin Eckerson, seventh-grade, and Katy Burklin, eighth-grade, won 1st and 2nd place respectively. The Bee went 15 rounds, and the winning word was “astonishment.” Both of the top two spellers will advance to Round 1 of the GISA Spelling Bee at Woodward Academy on February 7. Congratulations, Marin and Katy, and to all our Middle School Spelling Bee participants!

5th grade:
Addison Burnett
Brynn Eckerson
Walker Fennel
Ranzie Thompson
Joelle Walker

6th grade:
Hunter Fennel
Aylee Jones
Will King
Emily McDonald
Chelsea Taylor

7th grade:
Marin Eckerson
Grayson Fiftal
Drew Heiskell
Annie Strickland
Katelyn Young

8th grade:
Katy Burklin
Joe Graham
Joey Martin
Toun Oderinde
Will Overstreet

5th grade:
1. Roman Ailstock
2. Parker Shim

6th grade:
1. Tristan Vick
2. Addison Forstner

7th grade:
1. Priscilla Kennedy
2. Annie Watson

8th grade:
1. Averi Calloway
2. Brandon Carman

A special thank you to Mrs. Hayley Davis for coordinating the MS Spelling Bee.