Students perform at the Bean
Categories: General, Upper School, Fine Arts
Posted: 3/22/2019


Fourteen acts took the stage on Thursday, March 21, for Whitefield's talent show, The Bean. The musical line-up included a string quartet, guitarist, and an ukulele player. There were also several karaoke style vocals performed for the audience as well as an interpretive dance and tap routine. All of the acts were incredible! 

Audrey Stewart
Piano/Vocal - "The Perfect Nanny/Over the Rainbow"

Chase Blackwood
Interpretive Dance - "Bury a Friend"

Anders Guthrie
Clarinet - Nutcracker Suite excerpt

Shelby Fuller, Emily Hufford, Emily East, and Peri Weilacher
String Quartet - Spring from Vivaldi Four Seasons

Moriah McNair
Vocal - "This Girl is on Fire"

Zachary Justice and Zoe Justice
Vocal/Instrumental - Original: "Murder with a Blindfold On"

Mary Grace Smith
Tap dance - "The Cup Song"

Mily James, Aylee Jones, Tristan Vick, and Trinity Walker
Original Skit: "What Are We Watching" 

Alex Healy
Vocal - "Riptide"

Alex Brooks
Piano - "How Far I'll Go"

Porter Hamilton 
Vocal - "Moment of Truth"

Shelby Fuller
Violin - "Boy Paganini"

Maddie Knox
Guitar/Vocal - Original: "Can't Get You Back"

Zachary Justice
Ukulele - Original: "Ukulele Melee"