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Whitefield Introduces New WolfPack Logo
Categories: Athletics, Student Life
Posted: 7/23/2018

Whitefield Academy is excited to unveil the new Whitefield Academy WolfPack logo! The logo, which includes the school’s traditional navy and gold, depicts a quote by Rudyard Kipling that’s often shared in relation to our mascot, “For the strength of the Pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the Pack.”

“Keeping with tradition, it was important that the new logo contain everything Whitefield athletics represent,” said Danny Ryan, athletic director. “We are one WolfPack, working together as a team, to honor Christ.”

The athletics department along with the marketing team worked hand in hand with a professional group specializing in team logo design, which has extensive experience creating logos for multiple universities and private schools across the nation. This group worked to intentionally include many of the elements that have represented the WolfPack throughout the history of the school. Much thought went into ensuring the logo truly represents our past and future.  As we launch this new representation of Whitefield, we’ll be systematically replacing occurrences of the old logo on our campus over the next two years.

Once the logo had been created, beta testing was conducted to measure perception with those outside our community, and we received an overwhelmingly positive response. Out of almost 200 individuals under the age of 29, 100% of respondents preferred the new design. Those surveyed described the new logo as “cleaner and bold while representing strength,” and “strong, simple, bold, and dynamic.”

Following the survey results, the research company strongly recommended that Whitefield move forward with this update, having proven that this would be a positive change in our overall brand and the perception of our school and mascot. We are excited about the unveiling of this new logo and look forward to it being a bold symbol as we march into the next chapter of WolfPack athletics!

If you have questions regarding the brand standards or use of the new logo or any other Whitefield logos or brand elements, please contact the marketing team at