MS and US Math Lab


To support and reinforce math topics taught in the classroom, the Whitefield Math Lab is available to all Middle School and Upper School students throughout the year. Click here to view availability and sign up for a time slot. 

  • Who: The Math Lab is open to all Middle and Upper School students.
  • What: Free math tutoring on a specific topic
  • When: By appointment during select times Monday to Thursday
    • Students may sign up to visit the Math Lab during lunch, advisory or home group flex time, teacher-approved study hall, or free period. Some appointments are also available before and after school. 
  • Where: Middle and Upper School Library located in Morris Hall
  • Please note:
    • When signing up, students should include their grade, the name of their math course, and the specific topic or concept they are struggling with in the comment section.
    • If a student is requesting a tutoring session virtually, please specify "ZOOM" in the comment section, and Mrs. Edwards will provide further instruction on connect via Zoom.
    • Mrs. Edwards will check the sign-ups at the beginning of each day, so please sign up in advance.
    • Students may stop by the Math Lab without signing up, but Mrs. Edwards may or may not be available





Questions? Email Caroline Edwards, Math Lab Coordinator, for more information.