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Alyson Powell ('07)
History Teacher; Yearbook Teacher
Alyson Powell began teaching at Whitefield in 2007. She currently teaches seventh-grade history and serves as the yearbook advisor. After having her second child, she returned to school to obtain her teaching degree. She holds a bachelor's degree in Middle School education with a concentration in history, English, and math. Powell’s passion for the subject of civics led her to start the Middle School Student Government Association at Whitefield. The SGA program allows students the opportunity to be a part of planning events and programs for the Middle School. In 2013, Powell coordinated the first eighth-grade trip to visit the nation’s capital in Washington D.C.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
I chose Whitefield before Whitefield chose me. My husband and I realized the best investment we could make would be in our children’s education. Therefore, we decided private Christian education would be the best foundation. Whitefield would provide a place where our children could grow academically and spiritually. Years later, I took a new career path as the Lord called me to teaching. As I debated where I would teach, the Lord made it perfectly clear. If I chose Christian education for my children, why would I not choose the same environment to teach? I can honestly say I love my job. Every day I get up and look forward to my work day - a place where I can share my love of history along with my love of the Lord.

On a personal note

Mableton, GA