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Faculty Profile
David McBride
Bible Department Chair; Bible Teacher; History Teacher
David McBride currently serves as the Bible department chair and teaches history and Bible in the Upper School. He began at Whitefield in its inaugural year (1997) as a Middle School teacher. Over the years he has taught primarily Upper School history and Bible courses. McBride has an undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia, having double majored in history and religious studies and is pursuing a Master of Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary here in Atlanta.

On a professional note

Why I love teaching:
First, I love teaching because of the opportunity to spend time with teenagers. I enjoy getting to share my understanding of Scripture and theology with them and in turn, getting to hear their take on various issues. Many of the relationships I have formed as a teacher have continued and changed into real friendships after graduation.

Why Whitefield:
I have several reasons for loving my job. First, I work with a fantastic faculty and staff. They have become close friends and trusted colleagues. Second, I love working with the students. They constantly challenge me and make me smile. Finally, I love getting to spend my working hours talking about subjects that I love and am passionate about teaching.

On a personal note

My family:
I am married to a wonderful and godly woman (Lucy) and have three precious children, Archer ('24), Winnie ('27) and Meg.

Chattanooga, Tennessee