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David McCune
Math Teacher
David McCune joined Whitefield in 2014 as an Upper School math teacher. McCune earned his Bachelor of Arts in Engineering and another B.A. in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College in 2005. He also has a Master of Divinity with a focus on education from Columbia International University. McCune worked as a high school math teacher at Cross Creek High School in Augusta, GA, and Holy Innocents' in Atlanta. He also served on Young Life staff in Northwest Atlanta and as the Middle School director at Peachtree United Methodist Church.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield?
I am attracted to the family atmosphere of Whitefield. It's a place that is small enough to be known and big enough to provide incredible opportunities in education, academics, and friendships.

What I love about teaching:
I often engage my students in brain teasers. Why? They get us ready to learn. They open our minds to new possibilities, to solutions that are right in front of our faces but our assumptions prevent us from seeing. I always encourage students to “not assume constraints that aren’t there.” Once we learn to do this the doorways to innovation open more readily. Being created in the image of a creator God, it is in our nature to create and innovate. If my students can learn THAT, then regardless of content, I’ve done my job.

On a personal note

About my family:
I met my wife of eight years, Virginia, at Dartmouth College. The Southern belle wooed me from the land of snow and ice to the southland (but I miss the snow so much that it is my oldest daughter’s middle name!) We enjoy running, ice cream, and keeping up with our growing family which includes Hannah, James, and Harper.

Orchard Park, NY (outside of Buffalo)