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Faculty Profile
Deloris Ball
Teacher Assistant Kindergarten
Deloris Ball serves as teacher assistant in the Lower School kindergarten. She has taught at the Lower School in a variety of grade levels since 2004 and is dedicated to enabling young children to “grow and go." Prior to Whitefield she worked in telecommunications. Ball has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Journalism and an associate degree in psychology from the University of South Carolina. She is also a certified Orton-Gillingham reading tutor and enjoys helping children learn to enhance their reading skills and comprehension.

On a professional note

Why I love teaching:
I love seeing the children's faces light up when they discover something new. It is just as exciting when they've been struggling with understanding something and finally 'get it'. The transformation students go through from the beginning of a school year to the end is quite a metamorphosis.

On a personal note

My family:
I'm blessed by my husband, Fred, a Christian school principal and my son, Nile ('15).

I'm from Lancaster, South Carolina but I have lived in Atlanta for over 30 years.