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Jamie Heiskell
Bible Teacher
Jamie Heiskell is a Middle School Bible teacher at Whitefield Academy. He has a Bachelor of Arts in history from Furman University. Heiskell has been involved in Christian education since 2004, including experience at The Heiskell School and Covenant College. Prior to working in education, Heiskell worked in an array of diversified financial services ranging from pension, insurance, securities, and housing and including both institutional and consumer products. Heiskell also serves as the varsity boys soccer coach and a Middle School girls basketball coach.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield?
In relaying my unique story of working in Christian education, I must express, with gratitude to the Lord, the privilege it is to be a third generation member of a family involved in Christian education in the Atlanta area. I knew of Whitefield as an alum of Mount Vernon Christian Academy (1990) and developed an admiration for a couple of faculty members through the church we attended when our family moved back to Atlanta (2005). What attracted me to the school in 2013 was the renewed leadership commitment combined with a recently and succinctly expressed set of teaching and learning statements developed by the faculty. Through the opportunity to serve as a teacher and coach, I have grown to relish relationships with faculty and staff through our mutual commitment to serving and pursuing the mission of the school. The three “passions” of the school outlined in the closing portion of the mission statement are a source of regular inspiration, culminating in our collective leaning and dependence upon “the living and active Jesus.”

What I love about teaching:
I love learning. I enjoy observing students in the learning process but know that it is far from a passive pursuit. Therefore, we have teaching. I love the privilege of asking questions, and although many in education celebrate a “Socratic” method, I believe we actually have a superior pedagogy modeled in Jesus with self-examining questions richly supplemented by parable and promise. I desire for students to be able to synthesize loads of information and draw reasonable independent conclusions, yet I know it is more important that they be “transformed by the renewing of their minds” and not miss the often simple message and truths of the gospel.

Admittedly, I was naive to much of what was required of teachers before entering the profession years ago. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have learned much of what I have about teaching in a Christ-centered institution. One of the joys of being a teacher in this setting is finding new ways to integrate biblical truth across the scope of the subjects taught. However, I recognize that I am still early in my teaching career, and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals- sharing ideas, approach, and pedagogy while understanding the ultimate goal of shepherding young people to know their great Shepherd, is at the forefront of my desire to be part of the Whitefield Academy teaching and learning team.

On a personal note

About my family:
My wife, Margaret and I have five children: Maggie ('18), James ('21), Drew ('24), Jack, and Bo.

Atlanta, GA