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Jeanne Thon
Fifth Grade Teacher
Jeanne Thon began teaching fifth grade at Whitefield Academy in 2012. She came to Whitefield from Tallahassee, Florida, where she taught at a Christian school for 27 years. Thon taught both primary and intermediate grades. Prior to her Christian school experience, she worked for eight years in Tallahassee and the surrounding area as a special education teacher. She has taught on many levels - from preschool to adult education. Thon earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and her Masters in Education degree from Florida State University. She also obtained an endorsement for early childhood education. Thon's graduate work focused on learning disabilities.

On a professional note

Why I chose Whitefield:
I taught at a Christian school in Tallahassee, FL for many years. A few years ago God started telling me it was time for a change. As I was praying and applying to different schools, I found out about Whitefield. When I read Whitefield's webpage and met with the administration, I saw that Whitefield's goals were the same as mine: that the main end of a child's education is to glorify God. I am committed to Christian education because the whole end of knowledge and truth is to know Jesus Christ. I also have close friends in the area, which is nice.

Why I love teaching:
I love that I get to help children see the world through the eyes of Christ: to instill in them a passion for learning and a passion for Christ. I love that every day in the classroom brings the unexpected, and that while I am teaching the students, I am learning at the same time.

On a personal note

About my family:
I have two grown children, a son who works in Washington D.C., and a daughter who has returned to school for a second degree in nursing.

Denville, NJ