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Kayla Marsh
Fine Arts Teacher, Theater
Kayla Marsh is the Middle and Upper School Theater teacher; she also teaches a theater technology class and communications. She has acted in and directed numerous productions in the Midwest, Chicago, and Georgia. Marsh earned a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater and Marketing from Ball State University. She was an Irene Ryan Nominated Actor at the Kennedy Center College Theater Festival and has appeared in several of Atlanta's Suzi Bass Award nominated productions. Marsh was also trained by renowned director and teacher Jonathan K. Becker in Commedia dell’Arte mask work. In her free time, Marsh enjoys auditioning and performing throughout Atlanta. Under Marsh’s leadership, Whitefield students have continued to win best actor or actress at the GHSA One-Act competition each year. Marsh actively pursues opportunities for students to refine their talents through challenging competition. This year the Whitefield Dramatic Society will participate in Georgia’s Shuler Hensley Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theater.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield?
Whitefield has been an answer to prayer and I know the Lord brought me to this school. I’m so thrilled to be teaching in not only an environment where academic excellence is promoted, but an environment where Christ is glorified above all. Whitefield is a rare gem and I feel privileged to work alongside such talented and kind faculty and families.

On a personal note

Adrian, MI