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Faculty Profile
Mary McCullough
Teacher Assistant Third Grade; Cub Club Director
Mary McCullough serves as a teacher assistant in the Lower School. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a minor in psychology from the College of Charleston and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Oglethorpe University.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
While subbing at Whitefield, I saw a positive, Christian, learning classroom environment between the teachers and the students. All the Lower School faculty members treated me as a colleague, and they made me feel part of the Whitefield community. I believe God placed me at Whitefield Academy to use my talents and abilities in a Christian, nurturing and academic environment.

What I love about my job:
I love that I am able to work in an environment where I can encourage, motivate, inspire students’ minds physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically and artistically. I enjoy working with children individually, and I enjoy working with children in small groups. I want to motivate and encourage children to have a desire and passion for academic knowledge but also, to have a desire and passion for spiritual knowledge of God and Jesus. I love helping students figure out how to solve math problems in different ways, how to think critically about ideas from different points of view, and how to respect, honor and communicate with their classmates.

On a personal note

My family:
My father, Reverend Dr. Laurence McCullough, an Atlanta native, is a retired United Methodist pastor. My mother, Nancy McCullough, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, is a retired elementary and middle school teacher. My parents live in north Georgia. I have three brothers: Laurence, William and John. Laurence lives in Smyrna, Georgia with his wife and children. My nephew attends Whitefield Academy. William and John live in Los Angeles, California.

Atlanta, GA