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Faculty Profile
Matthew David
Science Teacher
Matthew David has over 15 years of experience teaching in schools in both Kentucky and Indiana. He has taught a variety of sciences including chemistry, biology, and physics. Presently, he teaches Middle School science at Whitefield. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Science in Education from Northern Kentucky University.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield?
Whitefield Academy does an excellent job being Christ-centered while pursuing academic excellence. This combination allows the students, teachers, and staff to glorify Christ daily in their work. That is why I chose Whitefield.

What I love about teaching
I love teaching because this is the profession that God has given me to best glorify Him. I have been given the opportunity to display God's creativity and majesty in creation and to teach how it all works in the classroom. In the process I get to meet, know, serve, and invest in the lives of my students so that they can be better equipped to be a rock star with a firm foundation in Christ and be a light into a dark world. Teaching is the way I glorify God and that is why I love it.

On a personal note

About your family:
The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Sarah, and three precious children, Lilly ('21), Emily ('24), and Micah ('28). We enjoy taking unplanned road trips, eating at non-chain restaurants, watching movies and sharing popcorn, riding bikes, and most of all, serving and worshiping God together. Sarah is a gift from God that displays the goodness of marriage and friendship. She loves to teach, eat chocolate and drink Diet Mountain Dew, and serve her family and the Lord. Lilly loves to read and is exploring the world of movie-making with her camera. Emily has been given the gift of compassion and takes care of her friends, siblings, and her many stuffed animals and dolls. Micah is consumed with baseball and wants to play 24/7!

Hometown: Owenton, Kentucky