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Michelle Durrett
Director of Business Affairs
Michelle Durrett directs business affairs for Whitefield, providing operational oversight for the school in the areas of business, human resources, and health and risk management. Previously, Durrett worked as the chief financial officer for McIntosh Capital, McCall Technology, and Technology Ventures, directing all financial reporting, accounting, cash management, and legal directives. She also worked as the vice president of central accounting for Camberley Associates, Inc., a private hotel company. Durrett came to Whitefield Academy in March 2004 as a consultant and joined the school for a permanent position in June 2004.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
Whitefield is truly the Lord’s school, where He reigns and is ever-present. Working in an environment surrounded by His love and His devoted children is a blessing most people do not experience.

On a personal note

Sarasota, Florida