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Faculty Profile
Michelle Marriott
Director of Admissions
Michelle Marriott began serving as Whitefield's director of admissions in 2016. She began at Whitefield in 2002 as a first grade teacher, and has also served as the Lower School director of academics, a member of the instructional leadership team, and a Christian Schools International coordinator. She also served as the varsity and Middle School swimming and diving coach for seven years. She began her career in the business field as a consultant and financial analyst but soon realized God was leading her into the field of education. She is passionate about Christian education and has enjoyed teaching from a biblical worldview. Marriott has a B.A. from Furman University, M.B.A. from Wake Forest University, and a master's level teaching certificate from Mercer University.

On a professional note

Why Christian education:
The chief purpose of education is to glorify the Lord. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our minds in Matthew 22:37. Ultimately this means that educators should teach children to think in Biblical terms when teaching any subject. Christian education surpasses the goal of passing along knowledge. Christian education has at its basis the desire for children to acquire wisdom from God and to seek it as a hidden treasure (Proverbs 2:4). Teaching all subjects from a Biblical worldview will prepare students for leadership based on the knowledge of the Truth and will not leave them swimming in a sea of relativism. Christian education is about teaching for eternity.

Why I love my job:
As a teacher, I always loved to see a child’s face light up as they all of sudden “get it!” It is rewarding to be able to shepherd a child’s heart and partner with parents in pointing a child towards Christ. I am so happy that God called me out of the world of business into the world of education. It is exciting to be able to connect Christian families in the community to everything that Whitefield has to offer!

On a personal note

My family:
I am so blessed to be the mom of two wonderful children—Barlow ('11) and Sarah ('14). They are the light of my life.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia