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Steve Hellier
Math Teacher
Steve Hellier serves as a math teacher at Whitefield, teaching Honors Precalculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC. He began at Whitefield teaching Algebra II and Geometry in the fall of 1999. The following year he took on the role of math department chair and served in that position through the spring of 2012. Recently, along with his teaching responsibilities, Hellier has become part of a leadership team that assists the Whitefield faculty with integrating appropriate technology into the classroom. Prior to being hired at Whitefield, Hellier worked as a manager of information technology in a local Atlanta company and spent four years teaching math at the secondary level at Wheaton Academy, a private college prep school in West Chicago, Il. Hellier has a Bachelor of Science in math from Wheaton College.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
Being that I have worked at Whitefield since 1999 my answer to why Whitefield has varied over the years. That is, of course, the way the Lord works in our lives, providing us with different challenges that afford us the opportunity to serve and grow. I must admit there have been some stretching times being a part of Whitefield during its relatively short life span. However, at this point, I could not be more excited about the direction of the school. I am energized to see the Lord’s plans for our future. The unity of purpose we have here is palpable. I am so thankful not just to be teaching here but to have my children as students here. I could not imagine a better place to be as an educator. 

Why I love teaching:
I love teaching because it is what I was created to do. I enjoy the interaction with the students, discussing important issues in life, and encouraging them to fight against instant gratification in making hard decisions because it is better for them in the long run.

On a personal note

My Family:
My wife Ellen and I currently have three students attending Whitefield.