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Faculty Profile
Trevor Moore
Foreign Language Teacher, Latin; Foreign Language Department Chair
Trevor Moore is the foreign language chair at Whitefield and a Latin teacher in the Middle School and Upper School. Moore taught for seven years in the public school system before coming to Whitefield. He graduated with his B.A. from Samford University with extensive work in Greek, Latin, and the classics along with an English minor.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
I was drawn to Whitefield Academy for the opportunity to teach at a place that takes exceptional care of an exceptional group of students. Whitefield’s dedication to providing a Christian education fosters not only academic but also personal and spiritual growth in its students.

Why I Love Teaching:
I love that teaching puts me in the position of helping students develop a passion and curiosity for learning, not only in my class, but in other content areas as well. I love seeing students grow personally and academically and knowing that my class played a part in that growth.

On a personal note

My family:
I am married to a wonderful and beautiful wife, Lauren Moore. We lived in Newnan, GA, but relocated to Atlanta to live closer to my family, most of whom reside in the Atlanta metro area. An interesting fact: I am the oldest of eleven children.

My Hometown:
Newnan, GA