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Tyrone Johnson
Director of Student Life
Tyrone Johnson has more than 20 years of experience in education teaching subjects from health to Biblical studies as well as serving for many years as a varsity boys basketball coach, a role in which he earned three state championships and four runner-up finishes. He has been a part of Whitefield Academy since 2001, and currently serves as the Director of Student Life. Johnson earned his bachelor’s degree from Troy University, and his master’s in educational leadership from the University of West Florida.

On a professional note

Why Whitefield:
Although there were several reasons I was drawn to Whitefield Academy as a place of employment in 2001, the most compelling one was the school's core values as a Christ-centered institution. I was especially attracted to Whitefield's unapologetic position of committing to excellence and embracing the critical thinking principles of education. As a Christ-centered institution, I believe we have a distinct advantage in cultivating a learning atmosphere that nurtures the level of giftedness that God has endowed in each of us as His creation.

Why do you love your job?
I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to help shape and mold the minds of our youth without having to compromise God's truth. It is a blessing to do the very thing that I am gifted to do and to partner with a community of Christians on behalf of God's most precious creation.

On a personal note

About my family:
My wife Monica and I have three children. I count it as a blessing to spend quality time with my family; along with Christ, they complete me.

Dothan, AL