Middle School

Experiential Learning

The middle school years are a time of exploration and discovery. Although the primary focus at Whitefield Academy is building a strong academic foundation during grades five through eight, extracurricular activities are also important in rounding out the experience of students during this period of rapid growth and development. Imagine stepping onto campus on Wednesday morning when our Middle School clubs are meeting. A group of students builds robots, almost ready for the next “bot war” where they hope their robot will come out on top. Another group gathers with upper classmen who are leading them in a Bible study, enjoying both fellowship and learning together. Fifth and sixth graders meet to rehearse a play that will be performed in the Louise Owens Theater later in the semester. Mrs. Thon’s room is full of students writing letters to Christians who are persecuted throughout the world.

While the arts and athletics are central to the extracurricular offerings in the Middle School, students may also participate in Boy Scout Troop 554, chess team, student government, science club, academic team, art club, fifth grade running club, or chapel committee. The National Junior Honor Society meets to plan an annual service project, providing an annual field day for the Atlanta Youth Academy. Many students travel off-campus together to provide tutoring to younger children at Walton Reserve.

In addition to activities that meet throughout the year, special events are held including a fall carnival, a spring game night (fifth and sixth grades), and the Middle School dance (seventh and eighth grades). Fifth graders travel to space camp in Huntsville, Alabama, while eighth graders have the opportunity to experience history on a trip to the nation’s capital. Grades five through eight participate in Math Olympics and Spelling Bee.

Middle School students at Whitefield have many opportunities to explore new and current interests across a wide range of activities. Extracurricular offerings enhance competitive academics in the classroom by offering students relationships with peers and adults in various venues.