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Mission Statement


PackBackers is the Whitefield WolfPack Booster Club supporting our athletic teams. Our mission is to:
  1. Encourage all players, coaches, and fans to be a witness for Jesus Christ and reflect positively on our school;
  2. Maximize the success of the school’s sports teams and athletes;
  3. Build support for the sports teams and athletes from the students, the parents, and the community;
  4. Help make participation in Whitefield sports a positive experience for every child and coach.

We accomplish our mission through the membership and participation of Whitefield parents.  We support all Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams and athletes, and we help to lay a positive foundation for the long-term future of Whitefield athletics by also supporting Lower School students and programs.  We encourage all Lower, Middle, and Upper School parents to join and volunteer with the PackBackers. 

All funds raised are used to supplement our Athletic Department’s budget by enhancing and improving facilities, equipment, and opportunities for each athlete.  We strive to make sports a positive experience for every child, family, coach, and teacher. For example, we purchased broadcast equipment with a portion of our 2019-2020 spending, and two PackBackers Board members led the charge of creating a student-run media support team with live announcers ad play-by-play for all football games. Last year, we had more than 2,000 people watching our playoff game!  An investment in PackBackers is an investment in improving the game experience for every student-athlete, parent, and fan. Join us in supporting Whitefield Athletics through PackBackers membership, and please consider how your employer could benefit from PackBackers sponsorship.







Thanks in advance for your membership, participation, and overall support, and we are looking forward to cheering on the Pack with you!