Mission Statement

The PackBackers, the Whitefield Academy WolfPack Booster Club, exists to:
  1. Encourage all players, coaches and fans to be a witness for Jesus Christ and to reflect positively on our school;
  2. Maximize the success of the school’s sports teams and athletes;
  3. Build support for the sports teams and athletes from the students, the parents, and the community;
  4. Help make participation in Whitefield sports a positive experience for every child and coach.

The PackBackers exists to accomplish the Mission Statement summarized above and does so primarily through the membership and participation of the parents of the Whitefield students. To best accomplish our objectives, we need for every Whitefield family to become a PackBacker member and to look for opportunities to volunteer.

The PackBackers support the current sports teams and athletes but also works with the lower and middle schools to lay a positive foundation for the long term future of Whitefield athletics. Therefore, we need for Lower, Middle, and Upper School parents to become PackBacker members and to volunteer.

The funds raised by the PackBackers are used to supplement our Athletic Department’s budget by improving the facilities, the equipment, and the opportunities that our athletes have. We also do all that we can to make the participation in sports positive for every child, family, coach, and teacher. Thanks in advance for your membership, your participation and your over-all support.


Whitefield PackBackers 2018-2019 Board

President Kevin Brogan
Vice-President David Nour
Treasurer Will Eckerson
Concessions Christine Knox & Stacy Courtnay
Team Mom Coordinators Angela Bacon & Suna Kantor
Secretary Christie Brogan
Yard Signs Addie Cochran
Advertising Tim McLemore & Jeff Kendrick
AV Coordinators Veronica Golden & Rebekah Kern
Fall Sports Coordinator Smith Swilley & Tom Bradford
Spring Sports Coordinator Erik Peterson
Spirit Coordinator Bland DeShong & Laurence L McCullough 
Special Projects Coordinator Ruth Ryder
Season Recap Coordinator

Paige Merkle