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Campus life

Student Leadership Institute

Through opportunities for co-curricular learning, intentional engagement, self-reflection, and skill development, Upper School students are prepared to lead themselves and others during college and beyond. After choosing an area of passion, students are challenged to consider how they can grow as a leader in that field. They are not just introduced to the study of leadership, but empowered as they design, create, and execute opportunities to serve others ahead of self within their area of interest. We believe that Whitefield student leaders are prepared to be visionary, goal-driven, action-oriented, transformational leaders who will make an impact for God's kingdom.


Leadership opportunities may include a before-, during-, or after-school commitment.


Broadcast Team

The Broadcast Team exists to provide leadership opportunities for students with an interest in broadcasting, filming, announcing, AV set up and event programming.  This team will learn to lead in various elements of Monday Rally news, Sports and Fine Arts telecasts, and special events such as graduation, all school chapels, and awards ceremonies.  The goal of the broadcast team is to equip and empower the members in order for them to give back to the Whitefield community by leading and serving others by providing quality online experiences that the whole community can access.    

Advisor: Matthew David


Hands and Feet Service Academy

Aligned with Whitefield’s mission, Hands and Feet is a group of faith-driven students who seek to serve, and organize service, in the Whitefield community and beyond. In partnership with local ministries, non-profits, school systems, and churches, Hands and Feet allows Whitefield Upper School students to plan, prepare, seek, and participate in service to bring glory to Jesus Christ. This academy’s major priorities are to organize and promote service opportunities for Whitefield students to serve the Greater Atlanta community, track and calculate student service hours, and live out “others ahead of self”.

Advisors: Caroline Kraehe and Katie Kling


Missions Support Team 

The Missions Support Team advisors equips and empowers the student leaders so that they can engage with our domestic and international partners, others in the community, and experience strong leadership opportunities. The students will learn and understand about healthy domestic and international missions programs, while building strong relationships with our three partner ministries.  Our student leaders will also support our current missions trips and activities.  Our three current ministry partners are: Amor y Esperanza School in Ecuador, Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Dominican Republic, and Good Neighbors Inc in Kentucky.

Advisor: Katie Sutton and Ben Gribble


Peer Leadership Mentoring

Aligned with Whitefield’s mission, Peer Leadership Mentoring (PLM) supports and eases students’ successful transitions into high school by tapping into the power of older students to create a nurturing environment for incoming students. PLM ensures our senior student leaders effective training and development to provide beneficial support for our freshmen students. Our student peer leaders will attend a summer at school retreat in order to build relationships, train, and develop skills for leading. In order for this program to be successful, senior peer leaders must demonstrate a strong commitment. During weekly Flex Time, peer leaders and their mentees will take part in the various activities inside or outside the school building. Applications for PLM will include several questions, one student recommendation, and three teacher recommendations. All prospective leaders will be interviewed by the faculty advisors.

Advisors: Rebecca Brown and Jeff Peeples


Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT)

Student Athletic Leadership Team allows the athletic department the opportunity to develop the hearts and minds of our student-athletes. Whitefield’s SALT program will ensure our student leaders proper training and development through a transformational approach. SALT equips our student-athletes for leadership with their teams and activities on campus and beyond. All student leaders will participate in weekly lessons during  Flex Time in order to develop relationships and train and develop skills for leading. Student leaders will be given the opportunity to speak into athletic department policy and initiatives.

Advisors: Coleman Joiner and Colin Sylvester


Student Government

Student Government exists to foster mature, responsible student leadership at Whitefield. The goal of Student Government is to serve as the sounding board for the student body and to cultivate positive, authentic WolfPack spirit. Student Government will consist of an executive board of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and two grade reps (one male, one female), whom are elected by the student body with faculty approval. This executive board will oversee the following committees, which are open to broad involvement from the student body: public relations, special events, and spirit. In addition to Habitudes training, the executive board meetings will serve as planning for committee meetings. During weekly committee meetings, executive board officers will apply their leadership development training to facilitate committee meetings. Student Government exec board officers are encouraged to take initiative for planning student life events, listening to the student body, and voicing student concerns to the administration. In every aspect of their job, Student Government exec board officers should take ownership of their responsibilities and demonstrate high character at all times.

Advisors: Tracy Blunier and Kelly Jones


Student WolfPack Athletic Training (SWAT)

The Student WolfPack Athletic Training Program is comprised of student volunteers who assist Whitefield Academy’s athletic trainers and team doctors. The students learn many tangible skills throughout the year like treating open wounds, taping techniques, rehabilitation protocols, emergency action steps, and injury diagnosis, and they also learn to be hard working, dedicated, responsible, and strong communicators. Through the experience, several of our SWAT team members have found a passion for athletic training and continued studying it in college.

Advisors: Hilary Adams and Brandon Dobo


Worship Team

The Worship Team exists to provide leadership opportunities for students with an interest in Christian formation through our chapels and spiritual life programming. The advisors will implement the "experience, empower, and engage" model in order to facilitate growth in our student leaders each week. This team will learn to lead in various elements including speaking, music, production, topic development, and presentation. 

Advisors: Nai Brooks, Allison Duncanson, and Corrie Henson


Questions about student leadership opportunities? Contact Mike Shaheen, Director of Student Leadership.