Campus Life

Church Ministry Connections

Whitefield Academy was founded as a covenant school that partners with Christian families not only in education, but also in preparing young people for life. As part of this mission, Whitefield desires to support students in their faith and to encourage families as they raise children as part of the larger Christian community. To that end, Whitefield encourages youth pastors to be involved in the community of the school and also encourages campus ministries with outreach to the student body.

Youth pastors and representatives from para-church organizations are invited to come on campus to eat lunch with Middle School and Upper School students the first week of each month. Pastors interested in doing so must first register with the school. For students, learning to build relationships inside and outside the school with strong leaders promotes a positive lifestyle, provides accountability, and encourages growth and maturity.

Many Whitefield students choose to participate in student ministries including K-Life, Young Life, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Through large group meetings and small group discipleship, students are encouraged in their walk with Christ.

Whitefield also purposes to place “others ahead of self” as coaches reach out to the community by helping churches with their recreational and athletic programs and offering camps and clinics. Students are encouraged to perform community service through their churches or other ministries in the area.