Whitefield Academy will open the doors to Brostrand Hall, the new permanent lower school building in August 2020. Along with a new permanent building to learn and grow in, Whitefield Academy would like to build two play areas – The Blue Playground and The Gold Playground – outside the doors of Brostrand Hall as an extension of the classroom. These playgrounds will depend on the generosity of individuals like you. Be a part of adventure that will create lasting memories on these playgrounds for years to come by prayerfully considering a tax-deductible gift to this project. Click here for more information.

“A playground is more than just a place to play. It invites students on a new adventure each time they visit. The playgrounds will be a place for discovery, exploration, goal setting, team building, and fun!”

-Maryellen Berry, Lower School Principal



  • Why can’t you move the old playground over to the new building?
    The current playground equipment was purchased and installed in phases over the last 16 years. With over 200 students playing on the equipment during recess, after-care, club cub, and summer camp each year the equipment has experienced wear and tear. Each year, there are certain pieces we have to replace – some of them have had to be custom fitted because they do not make the original pieces anymore. The equipment is safe to play on, but moving the plastic pieces over to the new space would compromise the safety. In addition, the new playground includes swings and other equipment that are important to the way kids play today and that support play as an extension of the classroom.
  • Did you consider fundraising and building a new playground after Brostrand Hall opened?
    The design and installation process for a play space is complex. We were fortunate to be able to plan and design this play space during the original construction of Brostrand Hall. This has allowed us to configure drainage and grading at the same time without having to go back and re-do work. In the long run, this is a cost-saving for Whitefield Academy. The final design of the playground, including groundcover, will depend on the amount of money raised or committed.
  • Tell me more about the cost of the playground.
    The budget ($300,000 for equipment and $200,000 for groundcover) is in line with a commercial grade playground of this size. The budget is inclusive of design, production, delivery, and installation. It also includes a significant discount from the company (KOMPAN). The groundcover preferred is a pour-in-place rubber. This option is more expensive than mulch groundcover, but over time it is the most cost-effective option.