2016-2017 Faculty and Staff Awards
Categories: General, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, Athletics
Posted: 6/7/2017


Whitefield faculty and staff celebrated the end of the 2016-2017 school year on May 26 with a magnolia-themed luncheon in the LSSAC. After enjoying a southern-style lunch, Dr. Kevin Bracher presented the annual years-of-service awards as well as special awards recognizing outstanding faculty, staff, and coaches. Congratulations to the following award recipients!

Five-Year Service Awards
• Julie Bayne - Second-Grade Teacher                 
• Jessica Bonnem - English Department Chair, English Teacher    
• Sue Errera – Guidance Counselor          
• Donna Gehler – School Nurse   
• Jennifer Peterson – College Counseling Assistant          
• Jeanne Thon – Fifth-Grade Teacher       
• Kristen Windhorst – Sixth-Grade Math Teacher

Ten-Year Service Awards
• Tina Ansley - First-Grade Teacher Assistant                  
• Kevin Bracher - Headmaster     
• Alyson Powell - History Teacher, Yearbook Teacher

Fifteen-Year Service Awards
• Angie Boone - Lower School Special Project Coordinator, Summer Programs Coordinator     
• Jeannie Brostrand – Lower School Principal      
• Melinda Lee – Fourth-Grade Teacher                
• Michelle Marriott – Director of Admissions
• Shirley Woodruff - PreK4 Teacher Assistant    

Inaugural Twenty-Year Service Award
• David McBride - Bible Department Chair, Bible Teacher

Ed Vornbrock Award for Outstanding Service: Christy McKinney, First-Grade Teacher Assistant
This annual award recognizes a staff member whose service to the entire Whitefield Academy family is excellent in the same tradition as its namesake. Comments from Christy's nomination(s) included:
  • The wisdom with which she approaches every situation and every classroom challenge is God honoring.
  • She is flexible, hardworking, consistent, and always willing to do whatever is needed.
  • She prays for her teammates and students.  She praises the Lord in good times and bad and inspires others with her faith walk.
  • She is conscientious and mission minded!
  • She has Jesus all over her and makes me want to be more like him.

Mark Tidwell Award for Coaching Excellence: Steve Hellier, Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
This award honors a staff member at Whitefield Academy who has demonstrated excellence, commitment, and a positive attitude of service in coaching one or more varsity-level sports. Comments from Steve's nomination(s) included:
  • He gets the best out of his players and challenges them to be better people and loves them well.
  • He has helped rebuild a program and made it very successful both in skill (wins!) and the spiritual development of their players.
  • He has a kind heart and is very approachable.  
  • He serves as a true Christian example to their players.

Barnabas Award for Teaching Excellence: Laurel Runager, First-Grade Teacher
This award honors an outstanding Lower School teacher. Comments from Laurel's nomination(s) included:
  • This person has a loving, gentle, and kind spirit with her students and fellow coworkers.
  • She loves the students in her class and teaches and ministers to their hearts.
  • She is flexible, approachable, and understanding.
  • She radiates God’s love to all the lives (young and old) she touches.
  • She is a great example of a highly-effective veteran teacher.
  • She constantly provides her students with ways to learn and explore new things and is thrilled when the lightbulb goes off and celebrates their success!
  • She finds her strength, hope, and value in the Lord alone.

Akers and Millner Award for Teaching Excellence: Matthew David, Science Teacher 
This award honors an outstanding Middle School faculty member. Comments from Matthew's nomination(s) included:
  • This person is a team player and an incredible brother in Christ.
  • His love for Christ and others is real, and he serves in many capacities on this campus.
  • He has helped my son find a love for his subject area and, more important, the God who created it all.
  • He cares deeply about the student’s spiritual health and instill in students a passion for learning – his heart for training students to become problem solvers is evident. 
  • He is an encouragement to and an advocate for all of the teachers of the Middle School - his leadership among the teachers is noted.
  • We can count on him as someone who listens, thinks on our behalf, prays without ceasing, and will always come up with a cup of coffee (and humorous instruction for brewing).

David G. Jones Award for Teaching Excellence: Trevor Moore, Latin Teacher 
This award honors an outstanding Upper School faculty member. Comments from Trevor's nomination(s) included:
  • Is there a more enthusiastic, energetic teacher? He is as qualified as he is passionate.
  • He understands how to meet students where they are and scaffold instruction to help them meet the standards through sound planning and by building authentic relationships with students.
  • He has been a joy to teach with since he arrived. I was immediately struck by his enthusiasm for teaching and for his students. I’m also impressed that he has continually shown up full of energy and joy while handling four preps, coaching two seasons, and serving as department chair.
  • I am personally encouraged to be a better teacher, colleague, and, most of all, a man of God because of his influence. What is more, students love being taught by him, and the Lord is using him as an influence.
  • He does not teach to be well liked, but his students actually like him and, more importantly, respect him.
  • His enthusiasm for life and his subject area are contagious. Faculty like him and respect him as well.
  • He asserts his beliefs about education and pedagogy in faculty meetings and people listen.
  • He welcomes each student at his door each period with a greeting. In classroom management and curriculum design, he is wise beyond his years in the classroom.