2017 Fifth- Through Seventh-Grade Awards
Categories: General, Middle School
Posted: 5/4/2017


The fifth- through seventh- grade year-end awards ceremony was held on May 4. Congratulations to the following award recipients!

Fifth Grade
Academic Excellence for 5th Grade: Annie Watson
5th Grade Timothy Award: Davis Saad and Jenna Troyer
5th Grade Bible
  • Academic Excellence: Carson Bassing
  • Teacher's Award: Emily David
  • Passion for Learning Award: Christian Wiggins
5th Grade Language Arts
  • Academic Excellence: Katelyn Young
  • Teacher's Award: Jonathan Kern
  • Passion for Learning Award: Finnley Ward
5th Grade Math
  • Academic Excellence: Nathan Jones
  • Teacher's Award: Drew Saad
  • Passion for Learning Award: Alaina O'Connor
5th Grade Reading
  • Academic Excellence: Marin Eckerson
  • Teacher's Award: Anna Kate Holton
  • Passion for Learning Award: Davis Fry
5th Grade Science
  • Academic Excellence: Haley Gagne
  • Teacher's Award: Tucker Mansfield
  • Passion for Learning Award: Megan Callaway
5th Grade Social Studies
  • Academic Excellence: Ryan Walker
  • Teacher's Award: Drew Justice
  • Passion for Learning Award: Kathryn Moorer
5th Grade PE
  • Excellence in PE: Efetobo Aror and Jenna Troyer
  • Coach's award: Davis Saad and Ruby Little
Art: Daniel Johnson and Priscilla Kennedy
Band: Megan Callaway and Tucker Mansfield
Chorus: Katelyn Young and Cole Whitaker
Computer: Carter Fay and Peyton Holsinger
Orchestra: Ryan Walker and Sydney Nettles
Spanish: Caroline Backus and Archer McBride

The K-5 chess team was also recognized for winning the GISA chess tournament and state chess tournament. They presented their trophies to Dr. Farrar.

Sixth Grade
Academic Excellence for 6th Grade: Joey Martin
6th Grade Timothy Award: Taylor Wade and Annafrench Sharp
6th Grade Ephesians Award: Peri Weilacher
6th grade Bible
  • Academic Excellence: Avery Lows
  • Teacher's Award: Ryan Flannery
  • Passion for Learning Award: Caroline Eaton
6th Grade English
  • Academic Excellence: Claire Watson
  • Teacher's Award: Tori Ellis
  • Passion for Learning Award: Jonathan Fairgrieves
6th Grade Language Arts
  • Academic Excellence: Elizabeth Soud
  • Teacher's Award: Truman Johnson
  • Passion for Learning Award: Lindsey Sanders
6th Grade Math
  • Academic Excellence: Ellie Farrar
  • Teacher's Award: Ilsa Messner
  • Passion for Learning Award: Jerry Flannery
6th Grade Life Science
  • Academic Excellence: Ava Petro
  • Teacher's Award: Addie Ellis
  • Passion for Learning Award: Josie Bacon
6th Grade PE
  • Excellence in PE: Tommy DeShong and Naomi Stith
  • Coach's Award: Joshua Harris and Katy Burklin
Excellence in Art: Derek Nickels and Ellie Farrar
Excellence in Band: Katy Burklin and Jon Fairgrieves
Excellence in Chorus: Avery Lows and Brandon Carman
Excellence in Orchestra: Ava Petro and Alex Carmack
Excellence in Research & Tech: Danielle Trovato

Seventh Grade

Academic Excellence for 7th Grade: Ally Berry
7th Grade Timothy Award: Chase Blackwell and Lilly Phillips
7th Grade Ephesians Award: Caroline Schmitt
7th grade Bible
  • Academic Excellence: Grant Young
  • Teacher's Award: Luke Sinclair
  • Passion for Learning Award: Addison Bennett
7th Grade English
  • Academic Excellence: Ronny Berry
  • Teacher's Award: Justus Nour
  • Passion for Learning Award: Mary Linley Marshall
7th Grade Foreign Language
  • Academic Excellence in Latin: Ronny Berry
  • Academic Excellence in French: Mary Chris Cella
  • Academic Excellence in Spanish: Blaise Richburg
7th Grade US History
  • Academic Excellence: Zoe Justice
  • Teacher's Award: Ashton Vreeland
  • Passion for Learning Award: Gracen Chally
7th Grade Math
  • Academic Excellence: Zoe Justice
  • Teacher's Award: Mary Chris Cella
  • Passion for Learning Award: Ashton Vreeland
7th Grade Earth Science
  • Academic Excellence: Zoe Justice
  • Teacher's Award: Alex Bauer
  • Passion for Learning Award: Blaise Richburg
7th Grade PE
  • Excellence in PE: Cole Petersen and Amanda King
  • Coach's Award: Chase Blackwell and Rylie Keeble
Excellence in Art: Luke Sinclair and Lillian Barnes
Excellence in Band 1: Madison Johnson and Cutty Patton
Excellence in Marching and Concert Band: Sebastian Nandkeolyar and Ronny Berry
Excellence in Chorus: Chase Blackwell and Chloe Troutman
Excellence in Orchestra: Gracen Challyand Jackson Holbrook
Excellence in Drama: Kyla McCurdy and Kidus Zewdu