Anna Panu ('11) Brings Love to Life Through Wedding Planning
Categories: General, Alumni
Posted: 9/13/2017

Anna Panu ('11) is putting her communication and event-planning strengths to work as a wedding planner at Chancey Charm Wedding Planning and Design.

Anna has executed events at many of the top venues in and around Atlanta. Her detail-oriented nature has given her a particularly sharp eye for design. With a degree in public relations and advertising from Anderson University, Anna has perfected the ability to juggle communication between clients and the many vendors it takes to bring a wedding day to life.

Anna is very passionate about serving other people with love and works hard to build meaningful relationships wherever she goes. When she’s not planning, Anna enjoys spending time with her parents and two older brothers, traveling, crafting, and playing the piano.

Voted “Most Friendly” by her senior class and being an event planner, she is committed to organizing a class reunion for her class of 2011. She will join the Whitefield Alumni Board in 2017.