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Annual Student Art Show Awards 2018
Categories: General, Middle School, Upper School, Fine Arts
Posted: 4/13/2018


The Whitefield Annual Student Art Show was held on April 5. This celebration of the visual arts also included performances by our bands, orchestra, Lower School chorale, and Middle School drama students.

The judge for this year's art show was Kim Ford, a Middle School parent. She has been teaching visual art for 17 years and has a master's degree in art education. She is currently teaching children’s classes at the High Museum of Art and the Mable House in addition to teaching private lessons.

The student artwork was judged on technical skill, personal vision/style, and originality/creativity.

Congratulations to the following award recipients!

Middle School Art Awards

Middle School Drawing and Painting
1st - Gavin Bechtel
2nd - Megan Rivers
3rd - Derek Nickels
Honorable Mentions - Lillian Barnes, Naomi Stith, Alex Carmack

Middle School Sculpture and Ceramics
1st - Luke Sinclair
2nd - John Robert Bracher
3rd - Perry LeBlanc
Honorable Mentions – Alex Bauer, Cole Peterson

Middle School Digital Art
1st - Derek Nickels
2nd - Ellie Farrar
3rd - Peter Fleming
Honorable Mentions – Gavin Betchel, Reilly Cullen

Middle School Mixed Media
1st - Madison Edwards
2nd - Ellie Farrar
3rd - Tyler Wilkes
Honorable Mentions – Luke Sinclair, Gracie Dorminy

Fifth-Grade Artwork: Honorable Mentions
1st – Addison Forstner
2nd – Katie Graham
3rd - Natalie McKinney 
Honorable Mention - Catherine Browne, Charles Sharp

Student Choice Awards (voted on by the student body)
Gavin Bechtel
Jonathan Cassady

Upper School Art Awards

Upper School Graphic Design
1st - Aiden Carbonell
2nd - Joshua Patrick
3rd - Matthew Cofield
Honorable Mentions – Noah Howard

3-D Design
1st - Matthew Sumlin
2nd – Anna Griffin
3rd – Emily Little
Honorable Mentions – Emmy Smith, Alden Evans

1st - Sophia Trovato
2nd - Madeline LeBlanc
3rd - Ryan Llewellyn
Honorable Mentions - Emmy Pridgeon, Kayla Dixon, Rachid Bilotti

Digital Art
1st - Henry Sanchez
2nd - Zack Lundy
3rd - Claire Browne
Honorable Mentions - Mary Charles Bounds, Lily David

1st - Nathan Messner
2nd - Payton Sjoblom
3rd - Hunter Bilotti
Honorable Mentions – Joel McKinney, Keri Quillin, Siri Gulledge

Mixed Media
1st - Robert Matherne
2nd - Sydney Schulte
3rd - Anna Griffin
Honorable Mentions – Barrett Bynum, Faith Jones, Tyler Fay

1st - Thomas Joiner
2nd - Jake Rivers
3rd - Myles Rowe
Honorable Mentions - Hailey Blu, Luke Peterson, SV Ryan

AP Art Body of Work
1st - Anna Cykoski
2nd - Kaitlyn Stewart
3rd - Sarah Davis
Honorable Mentions - Jack Charles, Annabelle Herschend, Madison McCloskey

Judge’s Choice (based on the judge's personal taste, not a set list of judging criteria)
Kaitlyn Stewart
Abigail Farrar

Student Choice Awards (voted on by the student body)
Rachid Bilotti
Sophia Trovato