Fifth Grade Studies God's Amazing Design in Eyes
Categories: General, Middle School
Posted: 4/7/2017


Fifth-grade science is studying the eye and how it interprets light. Part of their study includes dissecting a cow eye.

Fifth-grader Megan Callaway summarized some of what she has learned in this unit, "I learned that cow eyes are much like human eyes in many ways, although the main difference is that cow eyes are much larger than human eyes. I learned that the reason that cow's eyes glow is that the back of the cow's eye is not black like ours to absorb light but has a reflective color which is the reason why their eyes glow at night. It is much the same for cats, dogs, and other animals that you see their eyes glow. Also cows, like humans, have a blind spot where their optic nerve is connected to the eye and sends what they see to their brain. One other thing is that cows have the ability to pull theirs eyes back into their sockets to protect them from the blades of grass."

While studying the science and biology behind the optic system, the students have also experienced the beauty and wonder of God's creation of the body. As Megan explained, "The eye and the ear are too complex and perfect to have evolved over time to just have been made. The Lord made the eye and the ear, and there is no other way they could be like they are. The eye is just how it is supposed to be, and it couldn't have been by chance or because it slowly was made like it is. Proverbs 20:12 just states the truth; only someone as powerful as God could have created something like the eye."