Lower School Celebrates the Arts
Categories: General, Lower School, Fine Arts
Posted: 4/10/2017


Lower School students enjoyed a full day learning about the arts during Arts Day on April 7.

The morning kicked off with a special arts assembly during which students learned about a variety of different music styles, including bluegrass, blues, jazz, South American, Caribbean, and Italian. They also learned about Native American music and watched members of the Lakota tribe from South Dakota demonstrate a Sioux ritual dance. A few special students were even selected to participate in one of the dances!

The rest of the day was dedicated to Native American art. Students visited different craft tables to make pieces such as headdresses, arrowhead necklaces, flower pots, leather bracelets, and masks. They had their faces painted, and experienced Native American stories and dances in the library.

The third- and fourth-graders had an additional music session outside in the Amphitheater, where they practiced their skills on different percussion instruments.

All students ended the day with a popsicle party outside before heading home.