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Safety First for Fourth Grade!
Categories: General, Lower School
Posted: 1/12/2018


On January 9, the fourth-graders visited the Cobb County Safety Village, where they learned important safety techniques that deal with crime prevention, bus safety, fire safety, water safety, pedestrian safety, and other ways to stay safe and prevent dangerous situations. This hands-on learning experience demonstrates and trains participants how to react when faced with dangerous situations. The highlight of the trip included the driver safety experience during which the students were able to drive go-karts through a small-scale town!

Fourth-grader Sofia Carbonell summarized her experience below:

At the Fire Safety Village, we learned many safety rules. The first safety rule was the Heimlich Maneuver. The Heimlich is if someone is choking that is your size or smaller, you make a fist with your right hand and put your left hand over it and push in and pull up. If they are bigger than you, you call an adult to help. 
The second safety rule we learned was seat belt safety and go karts. Whenever you are in the car or bus, you should always buckle your seatbelt in case you get into an accident. Always make sure the seat belt is on your chest. If it is close to your neck, you may need a booster. Also, if you are 4’9” or less, you should have a booster. We got to go on the go carts as a good way to remember to be safe in the car.
The third rule to be safe is to have a fire escape plan. If you do not have a fire escape plan, you should make one with your family. First, make sure your window can open so you can get out safely. Next, make sure your family has a meeting spot after the fire. When you are in the fire and the door is on fire and you might not be able to escape, get stuffed animals and throw them out your window so the firemen will know you are in there. 

I am so thankful for the many things I learned at the Fire Safety Village!