Third-Graders Explore Newton's Laws of Motion
Categories: General, Lower School
Posted: 9/25/2017


Third-graders recently enjoyed a visit from Professor Q of the High Tech, High Touch science team, an organization that brings science to life through hands-on experimentation in the classroom. The topic of the morning was "Newton in a Nutshell," and all the experiments conducted taught about one of Newton's laws of motion.

Students explored the relationship between the application of a force and the resulting change in position and motion on an object by:

1. Using different-sized objects to observe how force affects speed and motion.
2. Explaining what happens to the speed and direction of an object when a greater force than the initial one is applied.
3. Demonstrating the effect of gravitational force on the motion of an object.

Some of the hands-on activities included experimenting with marble runs and gyroscopes to explore gravity and inertia and playing with outdoor water bottle rockets, tornado tubes, and Newton's Cradle to bring Newton's laws into literal motion.