Whitefield Brotherhood in Montana
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Posted: 11/2/2017


A key feature of Whitefield Academy is our sense of community, and this story is yet another way we help contribute to the family-bolstering community we enjoy.

Rising Brothers Ranch in Livingston, Montana, hosted two groups of Whitefield men in September in recognition of their generous contributions at the Whitefield Auction. The men experienced an incredible opportunity to enjoy a majestic slice of God’s creation, and a time of deep, meaningful fellowship with one another. Their adventures in the wilderness were bold, feeding both their thrill-seeking desires and individual goals to team up and overcome challenges as they experienced new activites far from the city lifestyle of metro Atlanta. From mastering the art of fly fishing on the famous Yellowstone River to a grueling, nine-mile hike in bear country and an extreme, cliff-filled ATV ride across mountain summits, they chased the sun, moon, and stars and held nothing back! God's protection was evident throughout the journey. His majesty was magnified by the stillness of the wild, providing the ability to relax, breathe, and share their hopes and fears with no distractions.  

Rising Brothers Ranch has been honored to host 50 Whitefield men over the past several years. The next exhilarating opportunity might just be for you!