WolfPack Weekly Roundup: December 4, 2017
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Posted: 12/4/2017

Last week, the WolfPack competed in 10 athletic events, giving us the opportunity to cheer on our basketball, swimming, wrestling, and tennis teams! Highlights included hosting the Metro10 tennis championship on Friday and kicking off home basketball games on Saturday as varsity teams took on Grady High School. The recaps below hold details from these events along with our other competitions from the week.

Our schedule gains even more momentum this week as we’ll be participating in 22 athletic events beginning on Tuesday. You can find the full athletic calendar here, and calendars for individual teams here. Be sure to join us soon to cheer on the WolfPack!

As the winter season ramps up, join me in striving to make our campus a welcoming environment to our fans as well as our competitors. In the face of both losses and great successes, let's come together in support of our athletes, acting as gracious guests and warm hosts, working ultimately to honor the One who gave us the abilities and resources to compete.

Go WolfPack!
Danny Ryan,
Athletic Director
Sports Recaps: November 27 - December 3, 2017

Girls Varsity Basketball
vs. Grady High School: Loss 26-46
*De'vyn Elliot (9th) scored 14 points with 3 rebounds
*Sydney Hales (9th) brought in 6 points
*Shelby Wingate (11th) had 6 points with 4 rebounds

Boys Varsity Basketball
vs. Grady High School: Win 59-51
*AJ Hopkins (10th) had 13 points with 12 rebounds
*Justin Hall (9th) scored 13 points with 9 rebounds
*Rees PicKell (10th) scored 12 points

MS Boys Gold Basketball
vs. North Cobb Christian School: Win 42-14
*Ayden Duncanson (7th) scored 10 points, with 5 rebounds and 5 steals
*Charlie Dew (7th) had 11 points with 6 rebounds
*Will Hopkins (7th) scored 6 points, with 9 rebounds and 2 assists

MS Boys Blue Basketball
vs. North Cobb Christian School: Win 51-42
*Cooper Craig (8th) scored 16 points
*Charlie Dew (7th) had 9 rebounds
*Cole Peterson (8th) had 6 assists and 6 rebounds

MS Girls Basketball
vs. North Cobb Christian School: Loss 23-24
*A'liyah Warrick (7th) led the team with strong shots
*Megan Callaway (6th) made some great blocks

MS Wrestling
vs. Mount Pisgah/Mount Vernon/Pace: 14 wins in 43 matches
*Juanes Henao (8th) went 2-1 and only lost the one match in OT
*Ashton Vreeland (8th) went 2-0 with two pins in his matches

vs. Eagle's Landing Christian Academy: 10 wins in 35 matches
*Collin Schuster (8th) and Nolan Shim (7th) each had 2 wins by pins in both cases
*Taylor Craig (6th), Christian Wiggins (6th), and Kaden McKeown (7th) each had a win by a pin
*Jack Schuster (6th), Sebastian Morgan (5th), and Brayden May (7th) each had a win

MS Tennis
Metro10 Championship - Mt. Paran: Win 3-1
*Both sets of doubles teams won quickly, but it was Peyton Golden (8th) who cemented the win at 3 singles
*Everyone played extremely well and very hard, with great attitudes all across the courts

Metro10 Championship - Kings Ridge: Loss 0-3
*WolfPack fought hard and secured second place in the Metro10 Championship - way to go, Pack!

Varsity Swimming
vs. Galloway School - @ Chastain Park Pool

MS Swimming
vs. Lovett - Riverview Relays