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A Letter From the Head of School

Welcome to Whitefield Academy!

I am elated and honored to serve as the head of school of Whitefield Academy. I am confident that Whitefield’s success will advance because the Lord, Jesus Christ, has always led this school. Whitefield continues to send young people into the world equipped with a unique integration of traits that differentiates them: strong intellect, Christ-centered character, and enriched lives.

Strong Intellect
Whitefield Academy strengthens the intellect so students gain more than basic knowledge - they gain understanding and wisdom. Students learn to think and reason well, read closely, write persuasively and solve challenging and complex problems.

Christ-centered Character
Strong intellect and authentic Christ-centered character go hand-in-hand. Whitefield cultivates Christ-centered character by bolstering a vibrant community of like-minded families and educators to raise a generation of leaders to impact the world for Christ. Such communities are a rare find, yet vitally important to honor the innocence of young people in a society hostile to the values that we hold dear.

Enriched Lives
A school’s core business is to strengthen the intellect. However, a school that fails to provide a well-rounded experience is incomplete, because experience drives character. Students at Whitefield discover, develop, and maximize a wide variety of gifts in athletics and the arts. Learning is enriched through relationships among a diverse student body, and students learn to lead by serving “others ahead of self.” All of these experiences contribute to an enriched life.

I hope you catch a glimpse of our school by surfing our site. I invite you to visit our beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities to get a closer look and to experience the Christ-centered, family atmosphere that permeates Whitefield Academy!

Kevin Bracher, Ph.D., Head of School


Kevin Bracher
Head of School
Kevin Bracher is the head of school at Whitefield Academy. He began at Whitefield in 2007 as principal of the Middle School and continued to assume roles of increasing responsibility. Prior to his appointment as head of school in 2013, he was serving as the school’s academic dean focusing on curriculum, faculty development, testing, technology, and accreditation. With over 25 years of experience as an educator, Bracher has demonstrated consistent dedication to excellence, integrity, and Christ-centered leadership in both public and private schools. His career began as a high school math teacher (ranging from algebra through AP calculus) and coach of three sports, followed by leadership posts in all three K-12 levels - high school, middle school, and elementary school. Bracher has an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and three graduate degrees from Georgia State University, including a Ph.D. in educational leadership.