Whitefield Academy A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

Christian Life

Whitefield Academy was founded as a covenant school that partners with Christian families not only in education, but also in preparing young people for life.

As part of this mission, Whitefield desires to support students in their walk with God. Whether through weekly chapels, student ministries, or Bible classes, our students are encouraged to grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of the most common words used to describe Whitefield is the word “community.” Whether people have been a part of Whitefield for a long time or have just been introduced to the community when stepping onto campus, they often notice a sense of something unique and attractive in how people relate to one another. At Whitefield, we believe that we enjoy such a strong sense of community because it is built on the truth and love of Jesus Christ.


In order to glorify, honor, and praise Jesus' name in a communal manner, Whitefield students attend weekly chapel services where prayer, scripture study, and music are present. These services are tailored to the demands of the students of each division, but all strive for the same objective - to glorify God.


Lower School chapel provides our students a weekly opportunity to participate in worship. These chapel services are designed to promote a healthy understanding of non-denominational Bible study and praise. Students sing contemporary Christian songs, learn about godly character traits through Bible stories, and participate in prayer.


During chapel each week, Middle and Upper School students join faculty and staff members to celebrate worship and prayer. After worship, a teacher, community leader, youth pastor, or inspirational speaker delivers a message that inspires students to deepen their relationship with God. Students also participate in the service by singing, playing an instrument, reading a Scripture, praying, and operating A/V equipment.

Ministry Connections

Whitefield Academy was founded as a covenant school that partners with Christian families not only in education, but also in preparing young people for life. As part of this mission, Whitefield desires to support students in their faith and to encourage families as they raise children as part of the larger Christian community. As we bolster our families, we encourage them to be connected to the local church and student ministries. Many Whitefield students choose to participate in student ministries including K-LifeYoung Life, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Through large group meetings and small group discipleship, students are encouraged in their walk with Christ. 


Visitors who wish to come on campus with Middle/Upper School students (youth pastors, ministry workers, etc.) must get initial approval from the Director of Christian Life. Please be able to provide a driver’s license upon sign in at the front desk.


Students are encouraged to perform community service through their churches or other ministries in the area. Whitefield also purposes to place “others ahead of self” as coaches reach out to the community by helping churches with their recreational and athletic programs and offering camps and clinics.

At the center of this community is our Christian Life programs at Whitefield. The video below illustrates how faculty and students act out a “passion for the living and active Jesus” every day!


faculty and staff believe in Jesus Christ


of our lessons are biblically integrated


people participate annually in Great Day of Service serving 35 organizations around Atlanta


global missions trips each year