Whitefield Academy A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

Covenant Community


Whitefield Academy is a covenant school which means the school exists to educate and disciple the children of Christian families. The mission statement declares that Whitefield “exists to bolster Christian families,” and the missional values state that Whitefield stands for “covenantal education.”

In contrast to acting on behalf of Christian families in the education of their children, many parochial and Christian schools are “missionary” in that they will accept anyone that wants to attend their schools. The mission of Whitefield Academy is different in that the school embraces and supports believers who wish to raise their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” and joyfully shares this responsibility with parents and the churches they attend. Accordingly, the school requires that at least one parent of a student be a Christian with an active faith.

The biblical basis for covenantal education extends from the Old Testament through the New Testament, and the school forms a cooperative and reinforcing alliance between believing parents and churches and executes this coordinated approach to educating and discipling young men and women. In this way, the faculty and staff serve not only in a teaching capacity, but also in a ministerial capacity as they support Christian families by integrating biblical worldview instruction and Christ-centered faith into all aspects of the curriculum, devotions, prayers, chapel discussions, and all other activities associated with the school.

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